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           Excellent Fixable Drapes India , is a leader in the manufacture of sterile disposable plain drapes & fixable drapes and promoting their use in India . We cater to the needs of hospitals and surgeons in a wide range of specialities in the medical field. Excellent Fixable Drapes India began this journey in
February 2000. In those days, our production was geared to the domestic market confined to one state alone. Today, our reach extends across almost all states in India and we have a small but exclusive clientele around the world.

         Our mission is to replace traditionally used Linen/cloth in hospitals and operation theatres . Linen/cloth is unhygienic, doesn't offer 100% bacterial barrier and conform to clean room specifications. By giving surgeons better alternatives to “maintain clean room specification” and offering innovative designs that enables surgeons to attain “woundedge protection” & provide bacterial barrier, we help maintain sterile field in operation theatres and prevent contamination of the sterile atmosphere.

Our products are designed and developed with the surgeon's comfort and patient's wound edge protection in mind. They maintain and ensure sterility& quality of highest standards.


    We manufacture two classes of drapes:




          Plain Drapes are Drapes without Adhesive and Incise area for incision. They are used to cover the Trolley, Mayo Trolley, and Patient and are used as Surgical Table Cover. They are also used to cover the Instrument Trolley to Prevent Contact of instruments with Unsterile Area which may cause contamination of the instrument. They are Available In Various Sizes to fulfill the requirements of the surgical procedure.


          These Drapes are Screened With Adhesive with adhesive and poly field area (Incise area) for incision. They are designed in  such a way that the incision area, which is particularly vulnerable to entry of bacteria and foreign bodies , is given Bacterial Barrier against entry of microorganisms.

Materials used:

            In order to meet the needs of surgeons both Plain and Fixable Drapes are manufactured in:



     (3) FS

     (4) FSW


          Poly Drapes are drapes that are manufactured using * food grain polymer. *Our Poly Drapes are manufactured from *virgin polyethylene *which is above 40 microns. As per Government of India regulations and other International laws, this grade of virgin polyethylene is Non-Bannable Plastic and the material itselfis recyclable.

           Poly is one of the very few materials that are impermeable to micro organisms, water repellent and sterilizable. Linen and Mackintosh rubber sheets don't possess above mentioned qualities. Thus, they fail to deliver 100% Sterile Field and Bacterial Barrier.

Non woven spun:

          An imported spun material that is also bio-degradable. Non-woven spun is not as rigid as the Non-woven material. It is not tearable and will not release any fibres.

Non Woven Spun Waterproof:

          FSW is a special quality material. It is a variant of the FS and it has poly coated on the outside and spun material on the inside.Itoffers the advantage of ensuring that the patient does not feel suffocated and offers physical comfort for sweat is absorbed by the spun while the poly surface provides full Bacterial Barrier. Neither FS nor Non-Woven Spun offers all the advantages of Non-Woven Spun Waterproof.


        The adhesive used in Eye Drapes and Other Incise Drapes are user-friendly adhesives of higher quality. Utmost precaution is taken during the manufacturing process to ensure that the adhesive area is properly screened (screening is the process by which the adhesive area is pasted with the adhesive) and dried properly.

         The drying process is key to the success of our Drapes. If the adhesive is not properly dried, the drape may not stick properly orcannot be removed easily. Thus, this process needs a suitable temperature and controlled atmosphere.


        All Drapes are sterilized and packed by dedicated workers using the sterilization machine and heater. The heater helps to kill the bacteria in the range of 50-100 degrees centigrade.

        Sterilization is done with Disposable Pure Ethylene Oxide Cartridge. Once the cartridges punctured inside the sterilizer, pressure is lowered. Ethylene Oxide crystals sublime into gas that penetrates the product and sterilize it. This process takes 5-6 Hours. After sterilization and a settling time of about 8 hours, the finished product is packed.

Infective cases:

         For attending infective cases, we offer a wide range of disposable kits that offer head to toe protection for surgeons and assistants attending surgery. We can customize these products according to the doctor's requirements.

Quality policy:

        To be leader and pioneer in manufacturing and supply of sterile Disposable, plain drapes and fixable drapes to hospital and research institutions with the help of a dedicated, skilled and motivated workforce and to provide quality in products and not in quantity with professional training and strict guidelines to maintain in-house cleanliness in well spaced and comfortable factory spread over 10,000 square feet in a calm and pollution-free locality.

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